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Our phones ring often and a lot of the time, it's customer calling to get a price quote on a Houston limo bus. There are many factors that goes into the price of a limo bus. We want you to get the best deal you can so that your experience with us starts off positive and ends positive. The best and easiest way to find out how much it will cost you, is to call us for a free quote.

To give you the lowest price possible we take in every factor to determine the price. It is calculated by the vehicle you choose, the date of your required time, and where your pick up and drop off locations. You are charged an hourly rate with a minimum of six hours. If you decide that you want to go longer than the time you reserved, we want you to continue having a great time. You will be charged every 15 minutes you are over so that you are not paying for time your don't use the limo bus.

There are certain times when renting a limo bus is more expensive than other times. Spring and summer months are more expensive that the rest of the year. Weekdays are less expensive that weekends. Friday and Sunday are cheaper than Saturday. If you are wanting to get a limo bus on a holiday, expect to pay a little more. Also, we are very busy on holidays so you will want to make sure you call early enough to make sure you have a vehicle on reserve.

There are no prices on our websites because the prices always change. If we had prices on our site, you would be locked into one price and we wouldn't be able to give you the deal you deserve. When you decide that you want to reserve with Limo Services Houston, simply just give us a call or send us an email. You can get free quotes on any type of limo bus. Our customer service agents are awaiting your calls. Have the date of required service, the number of passengers, the pick up location, and the places you'll be traveling to, ready when you call us. Find how affordable it is to rent a limo bus for your event.